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You've just inherited Lake Manor from your eccentric Aunt Agatha, but the manor is in a dismal condition and you have no money to pay for repairs and its upkeep. You decide to convert it to an inn, but is there more to the manor than meets the eye?


  • Explore the manor, fix it up and unlock different rooms (there must be a secret room somewhere, right?).
  • Hire an interesting cast of characters to work at your inn.
  • Meet a gaggle of guests who have different needs and preferences.
  • Configure the guest rooms to satisfy your visitors.
  • Complete the tasks on the to-do list so kindly provided to you by your butler, Wodehouse, and earn enough money to pay for the upkeep of the manor!

Game instructions:

  • Mouse: left-click on a location to navigate there, and left-click on a character or item to interact with it or to select a choice. Right-click to access the Main Menu or to cancel or delete.
  • Keyboard: Use the arrow keys to navigate, and the Z or ENTER key to interact with people or items. Use the X or ESC keys to access the Main Menu or to cancel. Press the SHIFT key while walking to walk faster.


Plug-ins: Yanfly, Galv, Galenmereth, Hudell, Sasuke Kannazuki, mrcopra, Shaz, Yami

Graphics: Kadokawa, REFMAP, Degica, Enterbrain, Avery, Chalkdust, whtdragon, WikiArt

Title image: Original image by Alain Audet from Pixabay, transformed stylistically using machine learning software.

Music: J.C. Brickston

I am eternally grateful to Paul for brainstorming sessions and playtesting.

This game was developed by SeaPhoenix using RPG Maker MV.


This game was made for the 2017 Indie Game Maker Contest. It's a short game, meant to finished within an hour. I plan to develop it further but that'll probably be in the far future rather than the near future. :)

Please leave a message if you have any comments or if you experience any bugs. The game was updated on Dec 19, 2017 after the judging period for IGMC ended to fix a few bugs that other players had found.

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen


RockAndRose_updated.zip 65 MB

Install instructions

  • After downloading the file, unzip the contents to a folder of your choice. Currently only a Windows version is available.
  • In the folder "The Rock and the Rose", double-click on Game.exe to start the game. You can quit the game (hopefully after you've saved it!) by clicking on the X button on the upper right to close the game window.

Development log


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This was pretty fun!! I enjoyed!! I might take a look at the extended version, I saved it among games I might wanna buy. :) 


Glad you enjoyed it!


An endless mode would be nice tho


I released an extended version of this game (The Lost Art of Innkeeping) a couple months ago. It has many more characters, areas, items, achievements, mini-quests, and a richer storyline. And you can continue playing after the deadline. :)

This was a nice relaxing experience. i'm glad to get a break for pointless battles.
nice work!

cute game. wish it would let you go past ten days even if the achievements don't count any longer :)

Did you make this in VX Ace or MV?

This game was made in RMMV.

This game is brilliant. It is one of the best simulation games I have played in years. I look forward to any expansions you may make to it in future and I hope to see more games by you. 10/10 from me!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The boatman's name is Charon, as in the ferryman of the Greek underworld :)

So far I've only watched my sister play part of this (and downloaded it to play myself when I have time), but P.G. Wodehouse references are always a good sign in my book. ^_^

I originally named the butler Jeeves but that sounded too common. There are a few references to another famous British author too. :)