I'm working on an extension to The Rock and the Rose!

Hi all!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who've followed me and left comments... your support and enthusiasm have been very encouraging. I initially made The Rock and the Rose in less than two weeks for the 2017 Indie Game Maker Contest, where it ended up winning second place. But I've always wanted to do more with it.

Now that I have more time, I've been working on extending the game with new areas, more characters and upgrades, a more fleshed-out storyline, achievements, and improved graphics. The tentative title of the new game is The Lost Art of Innkeeping.

I hope to release this new game by the end of the year! In the meantime, here are screenshots of the village that I've added to the game, the general store and the shop menu. Stay tuned for more updates in the next few months!

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Omg I recall loving the game before and I'm really looking forward to play the new one! Can't wait! 😁

I played this a while back and I am looking forward to the upgrade to the game you are making. This is one of the best damn RPG Maker games out there. I gave it a five star rating on Itch.io because it rules.