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After a disastrous stay at the only hotel by the beach, Elinor decides to convert an old farmhouse in a nearby village into an inn. However, renovating the inn doesn't come cheap, so she accepts a loan from a mysterious tycoon who demands payment by the end of the month.

Meet a colorful cast of characters as Elinor welcomes visitors to her new inn and recruits villagers and employees. Meanwhile, she discovers various treasures hidden around the village, and gradually learns more about the other villagers and the former owner of the farmhouse. Can Elinor uncover the secrets of the past, revive the fortunes of the struggling village, and turn the inn into a roaring success before the deadline?


  • Renovate the inn, and watch it transform from a dilapidated farmhouse to a luxurious inn!
  • Meet unusual and fascinating guests, including biologists, adventurers, a pirate, and even a vampire - plus some familiar faces from The Lost Art of Innkeeping!
  • Discover new areas, recruit new villagers, and unlock delicious dishes to be served to your guests.
  • Find items and beautiful paintings that will be displayed at the inn, and that will help you uncover the mysterious background of the inn's former owner.
  • Configure guest rooms, purchase amenities, hire employees, and upgrade the inn and its surroundings to keep your guests happy.
  • Complete mini-quests such as getting seeds for the farmer, restoring a ruined monastery, helping kids build a sand castle, and more!
  • Replay the game with a New Game+ and discover several exciting new items and guests, and experience different outcomes and multiple endings based on your choices and actions.
  • Unlock achievements, master the art of innkeeping, and become the owner of a 5-star inn that caters even to royalty!


This game is a sequel to The Lost Art of Innkeeping, but can be played as a stand-alone game without knowing anything about the previous game.

Release Date

I'm hoping to release this in 2024 on both Itch.io and Steam. Please be aware that some things that appear now may change during the development of this game.


HiddenArtDemo.zip 140 MB

Install instructions

  • After downloading, unzip the contents to a folder of your choice.
  • In the folder "HiddenArtDemo", double-click on HiddenArtDemo.exe to start the game.

Development log