A downloadable game for Windows

Guide a monkey across a forest to find a fallen star!

  • Meet interesting, amusing, and occasionally hostile characters who may help or hinder you.
  • Choose from three different companions - including an owl and a tortoise - whose unique characteristics open up new possibilities, or try going solo!
  • Find items that you can use to replenish your health, solve your problems, or decorate your home.
  • Gain experience and discover new abilities as you level up.
  • See different outcomes depending on your choices, and unlock four different endings!

Playtime: About 20-30 minutes.

Note: This game was made for the Touch The Stars game jam, where it won 3rd prize!

Update: Forest Star was released on Steam thanks to Komodo, the host of the game jam, and updated here as well on December 9, 2021 (a couple minor bugs were fixed and the option to play the game in pixel perfect mode was added).

Minimum system requirements
OS: Microsoft Windows® 8.1/10 (64bit)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Compatible OpenGL / VRAM 1GB or better
Storage: 300 MB available space
Display: 1280x720 or better

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
Tags2D, Funny, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Singleplayer


Forest Star (updated) 110 MB

Install instructions

  • After downloading, unzip the contents to a folder of your choice.
  • In the folder "ForestStar", double-click on Game.exe to start the game.

Development log


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Acá dejo una corta reseña de Forest Star 


I love the fact that you are releasing your game on Steam too for free because they are really good :D


lol, made my day, you are a good person xD

hey, i'm curious how you made the menu display the way you did (with the achievements and character relations visible on it) 


I created my own plugin to modify the code for the menu and item windows, and made new windows for the achievements and animals.

Wonderful game. I finished it in 1hr and 17min and got the 'Social Animal' and 'Story time' achievements. I was friendly to all animals except the mouse, which died because i had the Owl as my companion when i talked to him :(

I LOVE the tortoise though - all the dialogue with the rocks really cracked me up. Awesome game.

Glad you enjoyed the game! I'm also happy you enjoyed talking to the rocks - not sure how many people would end up doing that so I wanted it to be rewarding!

adorable and fun

I'm happy you found it fun! :)

What a cute game! I liked how the various companions affected the gameplay, but the tortoise is soooo slow! (luckily he wasn't my companion long)

Ha ha, yeah, the tortoise has to have a disadvantage otherwise it's too good a companion! :) Glad you enjoyed the game!

Another game from you, I think to myself: it will be good. I was not disappointed, again! Lovely game.

Aw, thanks for letting me know, fizzlymike!

so cute and interesting :0

Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you found it interesting!

It's a really cute adventure game.

Thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed it!

This game is fantastic
Thank you SeaPhoenix

Oh, you're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!