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Loved this! All your games are fantastic. Great work!

Thanks for letting me know! Glad you enjoyed this game and the others as well!

Amazing game! Congratulations!

I really love this game, it brings me a lot of fun. Thank you very much!!!! 

Aw, thanks for letting me know - glad you loved it!

I really liked this story. I was able to free ghost in my first playthrough. I couldn't make myself to be mean for him. He was so cute! Just like your game. Well done!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

very cute and wholesome!  i enjoyed it a lot ^ ^

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

That was such a lovely story!

I enjoyed the whole game 

and the ghost was really friendly! uwu

I will rate it right now 5 to 5!

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

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Very cool little game! I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing and for the playthrough! Good to know you enjoyed it!

A charming little game, I really enjoyed it ^^


Thanks for letting me know - good to hear that you enjoyed it!

An interesting game. We had a lot of fun testing it. Loved the retro style and the music.

Thanks for playing, and glad you had fun! Nice to see that you got the 'true' ending too. :)

I love this game!!!! check it out

Thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed it! Good job with the voice-acting, and hope you find some of the other endings! :)