Jailbirds: a demo submitted to IGMC 2018

The past few months I've been working on extending The Rock and the Rose, my previous game which I had entered for the Indie Game Making Contest in 2017 and which subsequently won 2nd prize in the Judge's Choice category. But then last month (October) IGMC 2018 was announced, and so for the past four weeks I've been working frantically on another game.

I finally submitted the new game, Jailbirds, to IGMC 2018 today. The basic idea is that you run a prison... for animals! I enlisted my nephew's help with some of the art, since that's one of my biggest weaknesses, and I think he drew some very cute mugshots! The theme for IGMC this year was to come up with a demo, with an eye towards future development of the game, and so Jailbirds at the moment only has a few animals, but as you can see on the game website, I have some additional features in mind and I'll continue developing it in the future if people think it seems fun and promising.

The demo is currently available as a download for Windows. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Jailbirds.zip 84 MB
Nov 29, 2018

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