A downloadable game for Windows

This is a demo made for the 2018 Indie Game Making Contest.

Getting in the way of a very important person.

Attacking a gazelle in the Duke’s private garden.

Causing a panic by claiming the sky is falling.

These are just some of the crimes the animals of Angora have been accused of committing. The Duke has asked you and your faithful dog to hold these criminals in custody, feed them, and prevent them from escaping until they're sent into exile.

Can you and a lion become friends? Is the sky really falling? Can you help the animals turn over a new leaf and save them from being sent away forever? It’s up to you to find out!

Current features in the demo:

  • Become friends with the animals and people of the city!
  • Feed the animals and keep them happy and healthy to prevent prison escapes, fights, and complaints from people.
  • Carry out quests for them and save them from being exiled!
  • Manage the prison’s finances by choosing what to buy and sell.

Planned features:

  • An underlying crime involving a mysterious blue bird that the player has to solve.
  • Encounter more animals, such as a cat, giraffe, frog, and others, and their quirky crimes!
  • Unlock new people and help the city grow.
  • Explore more areas, such as a bigger forest, the beach, and a cave.
  • Expand the prison with more enclosures and therefore more prisoners.
  • Build prison upgrades that increase the animals’ satisfaction and prevent them from escaping.
  • Random events (such as animal disease outbreaks) and multiple endings to increase replayability.
  • An achievement system.
  • Improved graphics.

Install instructions

  • After downloading the file, unzip the contents to a folder of your choice. Currently only a Windows version is available.
  • In the folder "Jailbirds", double-click on Game.exe to start the game. You can quit the game (hopefully after you've saved it!) by clicking on the X button on the upper right to close the game window.
  • The default resolution is 1280x720. You can press F4 for full-screen or resize the game window by dragging one of the corners outward.


Jailbirds.zip 84 MB

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This is a really refreshing concept :D

I've always loved animals my whole life (well, my life of 20+ years anyway), so this game caught my attention.

I haven't completed the demo yet, but I'm looking forward to the whole game already!